6:30 PM18:30

Clinical microbiology, infectious diseases and public health issues

A scientific event organized to better understand the microbiome (bacteria living in symbiosis with the human body), infectious diseases and clinical metagenomics –where it all started and what the future holds in a public health standpoint.

Our speaker: Dorottya Nagy-Szakal, MD PhD

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6:30 PM18:30

2nd International Taste of Science Scientific Flash Presentations Paired with Regional Wines

At the Taste of Science the sensory meets the cognitive, and the medium bridging the two domains is a selection of fine Hungarian wine. This series of six flash presentations on a wide array of scientific fields is accompanied by creative wine tasting sessions, where six outstanding regional wine profiles are matched to each presentation. Hungarian culinary delicacies will complement the wines.

Over the course of the evening, as intellect and palate achieve unison, guests are welcome to enter the Taste of Science raffle game, where winners are rewarded with valuable prizes.


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9:00 PM21:00

3rd Annual Conference of the Association of Hungarian-American Academicians in WASHINGTON DC

Scientific Program: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

9:00 AM

Laszlo Szabo, M.D., Ambassador of Hungary to the United States

Sandor Szabo, M.D. PhD, Past President, AMAT
Laszlo Zaborszky, M.D. PhD, President, AMAT
Zoltan J. Acs, PhD, Local Organizer


Economics and Geography

9:50AM Csilla Lakatos, The World Bank Group: The Global Cost of Protectionism: A General Equilibrium Approach for Evidence Based Policy Design

10:10AM Zoltan J. Acs, George Mason University: The Black Swan: how 22 year olds create $22 billion companies in 22 months


Mathematics, Physical and Earth Sciences

10:30AM Laszlo Lovasz, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Graphs and Geometry
10:50AM Egon Balas, Carnegie Mellon University: What is Integer Programming and what is it good for? 


Coffee Break 11:20-11:30

11:30AM Nickolas Bodor, University of Florida: Recent Advances in Rational, Retrometabolic Drug Design

11:50AM Miklos Porkolab, MIT: Recent Progress in Magnetic Confined Fusion Research. 12:10AM Janos Sztipanovits, Vanderbilt University: Another Wave of Smart Machines


Medical Sciences

12:30 Gabor J. Tigyi, University of Tennessee Sandor Szabo, UC Irvine: The Broken Heart’ Syndrome: From an Unfinished Molnar Play to Modern Pathology.


Lunch 12:50PM -1:50 PM

1:50PM Peter Meszaros, Pennsylvania State University: Neutrino Astrophysics

2:20PM Miklos Muller, Rockefeller University: The Current Resurrection of Lysenkoism in Russia

2:40PM Eva Nagy, University of Guelph: Avarian Viruses and Vaccine Development

3:00PM Dorottya Nagy-Szakal, Columbia University Follow your Gut: The Science behind the Microbiome


Biology, Neurobiology and Neurology

3:20 PM Laszlo Zaborszky, Rutgers University: The Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System in MCI and Alzheimer’s Disease

3:40 PM Istvan Mody, UCLA: Partial Seizures on the Road to Alzheimer’s
4:00 PM Pal Maliga, Rutgers University: Genome Engineering in Crops by Sequence-Specific Nucleases 


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